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Circus Waterpark Bali Rides & Entrance Fee

circus waterpark bali
Circus Waterpark Bali kids pool. Img: F Martinus
Circus Waterpark Bali Entrance Fee: Rp185.000 - Rp260.000 Opening Hours: Monday 10:00 - 18:00; Tuesday-Sunday : 09:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: 0361-764003 Address: Jl. Kediri, , Tuban, , Kuta Sel. , Badung, Bali, Indonesia , 80361.

Kuta doesn’t go short of tourist attractions. While beaches limit children to play water due to its high tide, waterparks are the saviors. Circus Waterpark Bali is no exempt – as the place owns many slides and pools. The nice thing about the waterpark is the cheaper entrance compared to other waterparks.

Choose one pool to swim in. Circus Waterpark Bali indulges children with shallow pools. For adults, the variations are many too. From the main pool to the lazy river, all are ready to enjoy while floating on a floatie.

Slides are fun to try. Go try the spiral slide or feel the wave slider. Or, slide with the children in the family slide. Level up the water adventure and test all the ride. Whenever it’s time to take a break, enjoy some meals on the food stalls.

waterpark area and pool
High slider and lazy river is the adult favorite attraction in the waterpark. Img: F Martinus

Circus Waterpark Bali Rides

Let the children play water by visiting Circus Waterpark. With nine pools around, choose one that suits the child’s height. Shallow kids pool is available, it’s ideal for those the pre-school ones. Simply let the toddler have the floaties if one cannot swim well.

The main pool is quite wide with a depth of 1.2 meters. So deep for most children. As an option, float with mom or dad in the lazy river. Just like the name, the current here is pretty ‘lazy’. Greeneries along the track induce a strong tropical vibe.

For adults, try to compete with friends in the lap pool. The pool has five laps, set in motion that Olympic feels in a shorter line. Or, simply do a tandem with children in the slides. Go for intense fun in the family slide. The slide provides enough space for 4-5 members to slide at the same time.

the lazy river
The lazy river attraction at circus waterpark Bali. Img: ketut muliarta

More Slides, More Fun

Various colorful slides made up the magnificent aerial view. Try the wave slider. The slide is perfect for adults mostly. Get one friend to accompany. Using a tube, get the rush by swinging left-and-right – just like being ping-ponged in a huge wave!

Another adrenaline-pumping slide is the giant spiral slide. Dare someone to slide through this tall slide. The slide has a tunnel as well. Again, using the tube, let the slide take to the finish line.
Then, welcome to speed spiral slider. This is where one can get ‘flushed’ real fast. There’s some area with a colorful tunnel as well. With floaties or not, be ready to flow with the fast stream.

Children’s Slides

For children, the slide choices are many as well. One to try is the speed racing slide. The red-yellow-green slide has three lanes. Slide together and look who’s first going to the finish line.

kids arena
Mini size version of a spiral slide for children. Img: Frank Lorens

As the mini-size of speed spiral slide, the place has a mini spiral slide. Shorter slide made special for children. The tower height is 2 meters, only one fifth from the adults’ tower. With or without floaties, it doesn’t make it less fun.

Water Plaza & Spill Bucket

The plaza is not a gift shop – the place is for children who don’t want to enter the pool. Water falling from the parasol-like installation, it feels like standing in the rain. There’s some fountain as well. Tap the feet and get splashed in the wide puddle area!

The spill bucket is located in the center. Kids love this, but adults are lining up too when the bucket is almost full. When the bucket is full and finally spills, get ‘slammed’ with the water spilling from above. For some, this is strangely stress-relieving!

adult slider waterpark
The speed slider and wheel slider rides. Img: Илья Ненашев

Foam Pool

This is a weekend-only attraction that lets visitors enjoy bathing with white foam. The foam is shot through a cannon-like tool. Not only kids are lining, but parents are lining too. However, only from the kids’ pool, one can enjoy this.

Day-Use Package

For a more thorough fun, use the day-use package. Be sure to come early and enjoy the whole day by paying less. For overseas tourists the package cost Rp260.000/person. For children, it costs Rp185.000/kid.

Included in the price are bathing equipment, locker, long chair, and free flow coffee/tea. For children, it grants access to the trampoline and kids club without paying more. Billiard game for adults is there free to use. Lastly, the lap pool can be the playground for a volleyball game.

circus waterpark package
The day-use package offer kids free access to the trampoline and kids club. Img: Adie J8

One thing to note, one needs to reserve the package before the arrival. Although the place is open at 9 AM, the package service is starting an hour later. Play until 6 PM and the staff won’t complain. Even the place offers Wi-Fi and bathing equipment for the package taker.

Gathering Occasion

The waterpark is available for field trips or gathering event. Simply make a reservation beforehand. Determine which package to use. The package cost varies, starting from Rp130.000-Rp245.000/pax. The minimum number of reservations for the package is 20 people.

As for the facilities, there are fun games, lunch boxes, and DJ performances. A higher price package offers buffet lunch, coffee breaks, and snacks. There’s even documentation service for the special occasion.

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Circus Waterpark Bali Opening Hours

The waterpark is open every day except on Nyepi day. On Monday the fun from 10 AM to 6 PM. While from Tuesday to Sunday it starts earlier from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Circus Waterpark Bali Opening Hours
Monday 10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 18:00

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Circus Waterpark Entrance Fee

The ticket fares are varying in price, ranging from Rp100.000-Rp260.000 for adults. Children (ages 2-11) get a lower price of Rp80.000 – Rp185.000. Local tourist and overseas tourist prices are different.

Circus Waterpark Bali Entrance Fee
Day use package Rp185.000 (children) / Rp260.000 (adult)

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Just like any other waterparks, there are heaps of slides to use. Toilets and showering places are many. Lockers too are available. Parking areas are relatively wide but with different pricing (Rp5.000/bike and Rp10.000/car). For Muslim visitors, the place has mushola.

Need to remember, visitors are not allowed to bring food here. So, only on the spot purchase is available. The food court is pretty accommodating but the price is higher. The place itself has a vending machine to sell cold beverages. Ice creams are ready as well to be exchanged with some cash.

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How To Get To Circus Waterpark Bali

The waterpark is easily reached from Ngurah Rai International Airport. One can rent a car or hail a cab. App-based ride-hail is available but one should walk a bit further to the pick-up point. The distance is less than 4 km. So the fare should not surpass Rp25.000 for car ride-hail.

Even bike ride-hail is only Rp10.000. To get there, head to the airport street which connects to Tuban street. From Tuban street, that doesn’t take a long way to find Kediri street on the left. Turn left, and continue the journey a bit more. The destination will be on the right side.

Along the way, eateries and minimarts are many. Spend some time to fill the tummy since not many food stalls are there in the waterpark. However, no food is allowed to be brought to the place. That’s why having a full tummy beforehand will help much.

Address & Location

Circus Watepark Bali location is in Jl. Kediri, Tuban, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361.


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